Home buyers across the tri-county area can learn the ins and outs of the home buying process when they attend this free workshop. This program is filled with lots of useful information to prepare both first-time and experienced homebuyers for this new world of real estate.

Joining Diane and her Team will be a representative from one of her preferred mortgage lenders. They will cover topics such as getting approved for a mortgage, various types of financing and the entire home buying process. They will also be available for one-on-one consultations if you would like to get pre-approved for a mortgage and begin your home search!

The workshop and information are free, but registration is requested. Late attendance can be accommodated. Just let us know if you plan on arriving after the starting time or would prefer to set up a one-on-one consultation!

All participants will receive a coupon for a FREE TERMITE INSPECTION when purchasing a home with Cardano, Realtor’s ®!

2016 Workshop Dates

Saturday, January 16th @ Hilton Garden Inn Fort Washington PA 9:30am
Saturday, March 19th @ Hilton Garden Inn Fort Washington PA 9:30am
Saturday, April 23rd @ Hilton Garden Inn Fort Washington PA 9:30am
Saturday, September 17th @ Hilton Garden Inn Fort Washington PA 9:30am

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Questions You May Have About the Workshop:

How long is the workshop?
The workshops will run about 2 hours and can go longer depending upon how many questions are asked from the audience.

What if I would like to attend the workshop, but cannot make it there on time or on that day?
You are more than welcome to come when you can, or we can schedule a personal consultation with you when it is more convenient for you.

Will I be asked personal information about finances?
No. Only those people who are interested in getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for a mortgage will be asked this type of information, one-on-one with a mortgage consultant.

Am I required to use the mortgage lenders and real estate agents holding the workshop for my home buying process?
No, of course you are not required to work with us. We hope that we will empower you to take a hold of your home search and ask the right questions when selecting mortgage lenders and real estate agents, however, we would certainly appreciate you considering us for the job!

Am I eligible for certain grants or reduced down payment programs?
You may possibly qualify for special grant programs, however since the programs change all the time, you’ll have the chance to ask a mortgage consultant what programs are available for you.

Can I bring my children?
Yes, you can bring your children and they can be a part of the workshop. Please keep in mind that if the workshop is held in a library, most libraries require parental supervision of children.